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We are experts in artificial grass installation and artificial turf putting greens in Jacksonville FL. We serve Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Nocatee.

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Putting Green Turf Installation

We specialize in golf courses and putting greens in all of Duval County. With a quality synthetic turf golf course, you'll be able to play all season long.

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Backyard Putting Greens

Putting greens your whole family can enjoy all season long. Several backyard shapes available.

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Artificial Grass Golf Courses

Medium, large, and full sized golf courses benefit from artificial turf due to to irrigation savings.

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Indoor Putting Greens

Create a professional indoor putting green for your home, or commercial business.

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Artificial Turf Tee Lines

Get a clean, maintenance-free tee line that you can practice on consistently in all climates.

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What is the cost of an Artificial Grass Putting Green?

The total cost for artificial grass backyard putting green ranges from $18 to $25 per square foot (materials and labor). This depends on several factors such as the size of your project, and the material chosen, and the desired features.

However the final cost depends on several factors including the material chosen, site access, complexity, excavation requirements, and design features. To get a custom estimate, give us a call to discuss the project!

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Putt at Home All-Year Round

Backyard Putting Greens

Backyard putting greens are a great way to enjoy the game of golf in your own backyard add to your landscaping. They can be used for practice, or for playing a round with friends and family. Putting greens can be made from a variety of materials and colors. Take advantage of the Florida weather and you will be able to putt on your turf all season long.

Artificial grass is attractive in any home, low maintenance, and easy to maintain that clean look. They provide a consistent surface that is perfect for practicing your putts. They can be installed on any level surface, making them ideal for backyards and patio areas.

When choosing a synthetic turf material, it is important to select a product that is specifically designed for golf. There are many different types of artificial turf on the market, but not all of them are suitable for putting greens. We'll hep you select the material that has a thick pile and a soft backing.

This will ensure that your ball rolls smoothly and doesn’t bounce or roll off the green. So when you're ready to start your project, we'll be excited to create a turf putting green that meets your vision.

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artificial turf putting green

How much does Artificial Grass Cost?

The total cost for an artificial grass installation typically ranges from $8 to $20 per square foot (parts and labor). Depending on various factors, a 500 square foot yard for example can costing about $3000–$7000 and is well worth the investment.

artificial grass installation
Synthetic Grass for Residential and Commercial

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass is a versatile and smart option for residential lawns and landscape areas as well as commercial spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The installation process requires a few layers, leveling and sloping the ground correctly, placing infill, and securing the turf layer. To top it off, a large brush roller is used to give the turf surface a more natural look.

It's a great choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly solution, as it does not require the use of pesticides or herbicides. It also eliminates the need for fertilizers, which can run off into local water sources and pollute them.

Compared to natural grass, synthetic grass saves you a lot of money from monthly water and irrigation costs, as well as maintenance such as lawn mowing. When maintained well, it can last for years! Call us to get started with your artificial grass installation.

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Golf Courses and Resorts

Putting Green Turf

From kidney shapes of backyard putting greens to large figure eights and full golf courses, synthetic grass courses offer the ultimate feel and realistic ball roll.

The materials for turf putting greens is a different selection compared to regular synthetic grass but the benefits are all the same. Save money from irrigation and water, soil and fertilization, and lawn maintenance.

The most common materials on the market are nylon and polypropylene. Nylon is higher in quality, is more durable, and does not require infill. Polypropylene in contrast is not as dense, and requires the help of infill to help the grass blades stand upright.

Artificial turf putting greens no doubt offer a premium experience for practicing precision putting, chipping, and entertainment. If you're looking to install turf in your home, resort, or golf course, speak to our designers and they'll create the course your friends, family, and guests will love.

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Putting green turf

What is a Backyard Putting Green?

Backyard putting greens utilize artificial grass to simulate a realistic putting experience for golfers in their residential or commercial property. They are suitable for all weather conditions and are low maintenance.

Artificial grass golf course
artificial turf backyard putting green
artificial turf backyard putting green
artificial turf outdoor putting green
Putting green turf material sample
Realistic Turf Materials

Synthetic Grass Material

Artificial grass for putting greens is very popular for a number of reasons. While they offer year-round play for most climates, they also offer things like good drainage, reduced water consumption, and of course, act as a smooth consistent surface.

The  types of turf for putting greens allow you to choose different colors, textures, and thicknesses. After an installation, you'll also benefit from an increase in your property value. They're fun and offer entertainment value for years.

The material itself is different from a traditional artificial grass installation because it has a low pile height, and thickness. This allow the ball to roll smoothly on top. Depending on your skill level, a recreational player might choose a different material than a scratch golfer.

When you need to improve your short game with an eco-friendly alternative putting green, there's no better solution than putting one in your backyard.

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Putting Green Installation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of a putting green?

This is difficult to answer because there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every customer has a different size, material selection, and set of course features. A small kidney shaped green can be up to $5000, medium up to $9000, and large up to $14000.

How do you maintain a putting green?

Like all turf, backyard putting greens require very little lawn maintenance. Once in a while you can use a blower to clear leaves and debris, and can simply be sprayed with water if it gets dusty and dirty.

Do professional golfers practice on synthetic grass putting greens?

Absolutely! The advantage of artificial grass is that it is playable all-year-round and without the water maintenance costs! The turf material provides a realism and consistent speed of ball roll.

Are there disadvantages to turf?

Artificial turf installation is an investment that can be costly. Not all materials are created equal, and the higher quality ones will cost you extra money upfront but it's worth considering for water savings alone—you'll eliminate the need for mowing.

artificial grass putting green
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